Cedar Canvas KiJik Canoe

Canoeing is an activity that combines both the exhilarating and serene, and dedicated canoeists know that the heart of their sport is their boat. Each person has his own favourite of the dizzying array of types of canoes. But many true canoeists swear by the updated version of the classic: the cedar and canvas canoe. These crafts are also one of the favourites to make, and although it may take many hours to complete, you will have a true work of art along with a first class canoe.

16' Cedar Canvas

This 16' Cedar Canvas Canoe has been refined to the point of perfection. The planked hull is made from select pieces of Traditional Eastern White Cedar. This is the constant refrain heard from anyone lucky enough to have paddled the 16 foot KiJik Canoe.“There is simply nothing that compares”…

Length: 16ft
Weight: 65lbs
Depth: 14 inches
Beam: 34 inches
Cost: $2,999.00 (CDN)

15' Cedar Canvas

The 15' offers a unique blend of speed and responsiveness, coupled with a lightweight design for ease of portage. This canoe maneuvers easily and glides well. A long established favourite of the discriminating intermediate and experienced canoeist.

Length: 15ft
Weight: 56lbs
Depth: 14 inches
Beam: 33 inches
Cost: $2,899.00 (CDN)



KiJiK Canoe will take you places you've never imagined. You can camp, fish, explore or just slip out for a quiet relaxing paddle. Your senses will be more aware in the KijiK Canoe than in any other type of water craft.


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